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Plastpro Doors No-rot Doors and Door Frames

Plastpro doors. Fiberglass entry doors. Why do door frames rot

Plastpro Doors and Door Frames

     Plastpro brand fiberglass doors is the leader in fiberglass exterior entry doors that will not rot over time. They are the strongest door on the market due to the internal structure of the door slab. This is the area a consumer cannot see but it is this structure that sets Plastpro apart from all other fiberglass door manufacturers.

Also, these doors have fiberglass composite on ALL 6 sides of the door slab including the top and bottom edges. This ensures there is no exposed wood susceptible to eventual decay.  The most common competitor on the market has wood edges on the vertical edges and uses composite only on the top and bottom edges of the door slab.

    The Plastpro doors fiberglass door frame wraps the entire door frame, not just 6-8 inches from the bottom.  This ensures a strong not rot door frame overall. Most other fiberglass doors are available with either wood door frames or fiberglass composite just on the lower 6-8″ of the door frame.  Our prehung doors are 100% fiberglass on the entire frame. 

  • difference between plastpro doors and frames and competitors
  • Plastpro door and frame showing no rot frames
  • Plastpro door and frame with composite frames
difference between plastpro doors and frames and competitors1 Plastpro door and frame showing no rot frames2 Plastpro door and frame with composite frames3

Plastpro full length lockblock

Plastpro doors have strength built into them. Notice the full length lock block on the leading edge.  All other manufacturers offer “extended lockblocks” 10-16″ at best.  This does not offer support or strength at your entryway. This is one major difference the consumer cannot see with visual inspection. Remember, the lock block (or stile) is hidden behind the exterior fiberglass edge.

Refer to the sliding images above to illustrate this feature of Plastpro doors or watch this video that explains difference between Plastpro and other door manufacturers.

Glass etching artist in Florida

The Plastpro doors website will additionally explain the features and benefits of Plastpro doors. I hope this will help you understand the difference between Plastpro doors and other fiberglass door manufacturers.  They truly are the most durable fiberglass doors on the market. 


We provide aluminum mill thresholds with fiberglass composite full length.  Fiberglass threshold support will never attract termites and will offer support when weight is applied.  Many thresholds have no  support so flexing and bending would be an issue.  Others have pine support which wicks moisture from concrete and attracts termites.And once termites find a food and water source they can searchhigher into walls and rafters.

no rot aluminum door threshold

Compare Fiberglass Doors to Wood or Steel

Plastpro fiberglass doors offer benefits every homeowner is looking for in an exterior door. Fiberglass doors offer the perfect combination of beauty, strength, energy efficiency, versatility, and maintenance. See for yourself why homeowners are choosing fiberglass and composite materials for their exterior entrance doors. Why are Plastpro doors the best? Check out these comparisons. Here is another explanation why are fiberglass entry doors better? 

rusted door with damage
rusted door




Absorbs Moisture

Veneer Peels


High Maintenance

Not Energy Efficient


Beautiful wood grain

High end look

Scratches easily repaired



Easily dented

Scratches lead to rust

Susceptible to rust in humid climates

Residential doors typically have very thin metal

Paint chips easily

Conducts heat and cold, difficult to touch in extreme conditions


Less expensive





Lowest Maintenance

Resists scratching

Will not rot deteriorate or rust

Easily paintable

Energy efficient

Five times the energy efficiency of wood doors

Will not warp or bow

Door Sizes

Overall Door Unit Sizes

Before you can order you need to understand the unit width and heights combinations available

Bore on Doors

Determining the holes for locks and handles

You will need to communicate the proper terminology to have doors bored or not bored and for which door on a double door.

Door Swing

Swing or handing of doors

Very important for everyone to understand which way the door should swing. Let’s all talk the same language!

Glass size and textures available

Glass options vary

All combinations of glass size, texture, or hurricane impact options are available.  Check here easily.

Hinge finishes

Hinge Options

Hinge finish options for interior or exterior doors.

How to transport

Transporting your door

The door and frame can be bulky. Here are our best ideas.